Kristen Miller is pursuing the craft of writing. Her first goal is to write three novels just for the experience of it, just for ‘fun’.

She completed the first draft of her first novel, “Pretty Girl”, with the help of NaNoWriMo in November, 2018. This novel is about a young man who buys a griffon and finds the courage he needs to be a man. “Pretty Girl” is currently in the editing stages.

She has now begun work on her second novel, “Snow Birds”, with the first draft to be completed by the summer of 2019. This novel is about the struggles of a single mother with three children, and the price she has to pay for her decisions.

She’s written the synopsis for her third novel, about a rebellious violinist, and this novel will be completed during NaNoWriMo November 2019.

Then, once all three of these of these novels are ‘finished’ (“Art is never finished, only abandoned.”), the next goal is to write a novel ‘for real’. To put everything learned from the first three novels into a really great story. Then to take that story and turn it into a book that is self-published and marketed. And then, once all that work is done (sometime 2021), sit back and see what happens.