“I’m pleased as punch that you’re coming with me today!”

“Oh? Why?”

“Because you’re the first one to come down with me!”

“What?! You mean Joan hasn’t been down here?”

“Nope! And now you’re the good kid!”

“Son of a -”

“Aren’t you so happy?”

“She told me that she’d been down with you a million times! She guilt tripped me into coming today!”

“…You mean, you didn’t really want to come?”

“No, Mom, no, I really did want to come – “

“No you didn’t! You just said! Joan had to ‘guilt-trip’ you into coming!”

“Mom, I really want to be here!”

“I don’t believe you!”

“C’mon! Here’s a spot. We’ll sit here and have a great time. We’ll have a glass of wine, win some prizes, waddya say? Have a seat.”

“Well…ok. But we have to stay for all four games.”

“!! – All four games? About how long does that take?”

“Does it matter?”

“No! No, not at all. It’s all about you tonight. I was just curious, so I could tell Missy what time to expect me home.”

“Oh, in that case, tell her you’ll be home around midnight.”

“But it’s only 8:30!”


“Ok, ok, midnight it is. I’ll go get us some drinks. We’re gonna need it.”

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