Writing Challenges

Writing is difficult work. It’s hard work. Trying to find exactly the right words and put them in exactly the right order is, sometimes, damn near impossible, to be honest.

It often takes years to produce a novel. You may fly through the first draft in a month, but the editing will take as long as it takes. “Art is never finished, it is abandoned.” At some point, you decide there’s no more you can do to it and say it’s ‘done’.

You have to have thick skin. Rejection is part of the business. So many times you’ll send your book or story out to be published, only to find that your work isn’t in the right place at the right time. That happens more times than not.

So why do it? It’s called ‘hypergraphia – the uncontrollable urge to write”. The uncontrollable need to create, to communicate in your own specific vocabulary, in order to connect with someone on some level. Because at the core, the connection is what it’s all about. Connecting with like-minded people who look at your writing and say “Yeah, I get it.”

So you keep trying to find that connection. You keep writing, you keep going and hoping that one day that connection finds you.

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