The Book & The Kindle

I’d much rather be reading right now. I just got a whole bunch of books in the mail today and I’d much rather be reading.

I think I’m currently reading about 5 or 6 books right now. I don’t like to have that many just hanging out there, like unfinished business, but I keep picking them up and glancing at them – and then I’m sucked in. The truth is, I have no idea how many books I have. I have multiple shelves packed and a plethora of stacks of physical books, but I’ve also downloaded an excessive amount to my Kindle e-reader. Most are about writing, a few are recommendations from other writers about creativity, and some are general fiction. I like the Kindle for holding several books at one time for convenience sake, but there are some things that the Kindle just can’t do when compared to a physical book.

For example, I was reading an e-book about the craft of writing called “Structuring Your Novel” by K.M. Weiland. (It’s a very good read and I recommend highly for other writers.) While I was reading, I was taking copious amounts of notes and quoting lines of text. The problem I found was after I had finished reading and was reviewing my notes, I couldn’t find the page where I found the quote in the first place. In a physical book, I could flip back through until I got to the area I was looking for. When I tried to do that on the Kindle, I came up against a challenge. I couldn’t just flip through, obviously, so I had to navigate page by page with the buttons. It was so tedious. In the end, I bought a hard copy of the book so I can re-read it and mark it up with highlights and sticky notes and tabs and all sorts of physical referencing devices you can’t employ on the Kindle.

Another little thing I like about books over the Kindle is the fact that you can see how much further you’ve got to go before the story is over. That way I can gauge how far away the climax will be and how much more ‘adventure’ is yet to come. You can’t do that accurately with the Kindle. Yes, there’s the percentage bar at the bottom, but it’s not the same as really seeing the thickness of the remaining pages in a book.

I haven’t given up on my Kindle, though. I still dump books on it all the time. I think it’s going to be best for fiction – something to read for entertainment that I won’t need to reference at a later date. I just need to learn how to use it properly and to become more familiar with it. I’m sure I could learn to enjoy it as much as I do my real books. Well, maybe not as much, but can learn to greater appreciate it’s convenience.

One thought on “The Book & The Kindle

  1. I also love physical books. I get most of mine super cheap at used book stores and thrift shops, which you also can’t do with eBooks. My parents and I have an excellent arrangement – I cart my books to their house when I’m done reading them, so that the shelves in their home library look full, and in exchange, they don’t criticize my obvious book addiction.

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