Be Mine…Next Year

You know those chalky little Valentine’s Day candy hearts, the kind with those misprinted little sayings on them like ‘Be Mine’ or ‘Cutie Pie’ or ‘You Rock’? You might be surprised to learn that they won’t be selling them in stores this year.

The company that sells them, Necco, closed it’s factory doors back in July of 2018. Which is too bad because my mom loves those Necco wafers. I’m not sure how I’m going to break it to her. (Interested in the history of the hearts – and Necco itself? Mental Floss has a great article about it here.)

Fortunately, a new company bought Necco pretty much right away, but that won’t get the hearts back in stores until next year. The new company, Spangler Candy Company (that’s Spangler with an ‘a’, not Spengler), says they won’t have the hearts available until 2020. Spangler says it’s taking this time to make sure they meet the quality expectations of their consumers (What are the quality expectations for edible chalk?).

So what are you going to get for your sweety instead? In case you don’t want to resort to conventional chocolates, Jelly Belly’s will be helping you satisfy your heart-to-heart needs with ‘Conversation Beans‘. They may not be shaped like hearts, but they still have little sayings printed on them, like ‘LOL’ and ‘ILY’. They come in five different flavors – all of them sour, though, so I hope your lovey-dovey doesn’t read too much into it. If you foresee a problem, then there are also Love Beans and Sparkling Cupid Corn.

Here’s a great bit of candy trivia – have you ever wondered what Valentine’s Day candy your state loves the most? Well, wonder no longer, because here are the facts according to

Personally, I’m just waiting for Easter and for the Cadbury Eggs to come out. (I mean, seriously, who does Whole 30 in FEBRUARY for crying out loud?!?)

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