Happy Birthday

It’s my birthday today. I’m a year older than I was yesterday.

I created an animation WAY back in the day to go along with a song I wrote with my hubby to commemorate my mother’s birthday that’s still sung at family gatherings to this day. It was inspired by the Quizno’s commercials that were popular at the time. The people that created the commercial did an independent piece called ‘We Like the Moon’, which I love. Their work is a great inspiration for me.

I always thought those lists of ‘celebrities with birthdays today’ or ‘historical events on this day’ were so cliché. Personally, that stuff never really interested me so after all these years I still have no idea what special events or what special people have anniversaries on this day. Just me. That’s all I know. And the introvert in me is very happy with that.

So, raise your glass, or your book, your 20 lb. hampster, whatever you’ve got and join me in celebrating this day that I’m a year older than I was yesterday.

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