Frequency and Focus

Here’s a bit of blunt honesty for you: I’ve decided to move away from daily blog posts. Instead, I’ll be posting bi-weekly. Which, actually, will be even harder to do than the daily posts, from a motivational standpoint. I work better when something is every day – there’s a rhythm to it when it’s every day. But hopefully by spacing them out it will give me a chance to get a bank of posts together. That way I have time to put some real love into each one, rather than working down to the wire as I have been doing, simply because I love the thrill of a tight deadline.

I’m also changing the tone of the blog to focus more on my personal work and past experiences in the creative industry. Before I decided to become a writer, I was part of the video production community as a producer and animator for over 15 years. And before that, I worked in the print industry as a graphic designer, so I have some old school experience there as well. I’ll share some of the things that I’ve learned as part of those creative communities.

Currently I’m working on my second novel about a woman who experiences domestic abuse. It’s about the choices that leave her and her children vulnerable, and how she perseveres to rescue her children and herself. I’ll be posting updates in the process.

I can’t imagine how this would be of any interest to anyone, but I have a feeling that I’m not supposed to worry about that right now. It’s not interesting, right now. But it might be, one day. All I have to do is keep being honest, keep putting myself out there and those who care, will come.

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