Collaborative Work

Working in a collaborative environment is part of every creative’s career. It’s almost impossible to create good work without it. You need the feedback and cooperation of others to create your best work possible, just as the group needs your participation and input for its own creative health.

A collaborative group is comprised of several individuals each with their own unique perspectives. When you become part of this group, there are some skills in team dynamics you need to be mindful of to be a considerate participant.

Respect: Everyone is a valued individual. All members of the group deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Kindness and empathy should be paramount for all members of the group.

Listen: You would want to be heard, too. Everyone should respect whomever is speaking and not interrupt or carry on other conversations at the same time. You might learn something you didn’t know.

Participate: Don’t be a bump on a log. Get in there and share your ideas. Be honest. People want to know what you’re thinking. You may have the solution everyone is looking for.

Open-Minded: Stay open to other people’s input. Don’t be judgmental or overly critical of what other people are saying.

Participating in a collaborative group is one of the most satisfying ways to complete a project. When creatives team-up and exchange ideas something truly remarkable is produced. Each creative grows from the experience and becomes a better artist as a result of working together. There is a synergy between individual and community that results in art that is so much greater than the sum of its parts.

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