Change of Scenery

There’s been a small change in my world. I’m working on a motion graphics project for my husband’s video production company. So because of time constraints, for the next month, my posts will read more like journal entries. Motion graphics was my career before I became a writer, so it’s fun to be ‘back in the saddle again.’

I’m not sure what the exact contents of this blog will be in the upcoming days. Suffice to say it won’t be the pre-planned, carefully executed articles I’ve been writing. They’ll be more of a free-form stream of consciousness describing what’s going on in the project and in my writing. Like this post here.

The project itself is rather straightforward. It’s for a business conference, so pretty low-key. I have two responsibilities to the project; one is the opening video to the conference which I’m going to do in animated text. The second is a template that my husband will use to create videos introducing all the speakers at the conference.

I’ll still be working on my second novel while all this is going on. I’ve dropped my daily word count to 500 to accommodate. This novel is about a young single mother of three who, out of desperation, gets into an emotionally, then physically abusive relationship and then her escape from it. I’ve only just started – I’m at the part where they’re going on their first date. The book is evolving in tone as I write it, but the overarching story is staying the same, for now. We’ll see what happens in editing.

This is what my posts will look like until the motion graphics project is complete. I’ll be posting my progress with that project, as well as my progress with my writing, to this blog. I imagine the posts will be much shorter, though. Regardless, this is what you can expect. I hope you find the new format interesting enough to stay with me through the rest of the month, and I’ll get back to the normal articles once the project is complete.


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