Like A Boss

I’ve had many different kinds of bosses over the years. Most of whom I’ve enjoyed, some of whom I’ve hated, but all have had their own unique impact on me.

A boss should be there to help guide you.

A boss can mean many things, but in a perfect world, I think a boss should be there to help guide you and make sure you’re doing your job well. They should also defend you and your job to the rest of the company. A really good boss will encourage you to grow and develop your skills even if that means moving out of their department.

We’ve all had that one boss that’s been great to us. Mine was when I was working at a broadcast news station. I was responsible for getting text up on the screen during special segments. I could make everything dance and sparkle but as far as the actual text was concerned – I made so many errors, I lost count. But my boss, he believed in me and protected me, so I wasn’t reprimanded outside of our department. He knew each time it happened I created new safeguards to make sure that mistake didn’t happen again. As time went on, I made far fewer errors, so I was able to prove that his faith in me was well founded. And that made me feel amazing.

It’s up to you to know when a boss has become too toxic and it’s time to leave the company.

On the flip side, there are those bosses that can be demanding. The boss I found to be the most difficult was at my ‘dream job’ at an ad agency. He was much younger than I was and less experienced. My problem was that I couldn’t defend myself creatively. Instead of supporting my creative decisions, I would let him push me around and then go back to my cubicle and ruminate on the negativity. I lasted only a year – I couldn’t withstand all the abuse.

Dealing with a difficult boss can be challenging. Sometimes, you can speak plainly to them about the situation. It’s possible they didn’t know their actions were affecting you the way they were. If that doesn’t work, you may need to go to their supervisor, or to HR to get everything sorted out. Other times, no matter what avenues you pursue, things just don’t work out at all. Then it becomes up to you to know when a boss has become too toxic, and it’s time to leave the company.

Do you have a story about an ogre boss who made your life a living hell? Or one about a great boss that made life a dream? Share it in the comments below!

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