Daily Plans

I chose to do things differently today. I chose to dedicate more time to work on my short story in the morning and to ‘blow off’ this blog until later in the night. Essentially using this blog as a recap of the day.


The most important take away of the day is that I’m still working with my schedule. I’m trying to find just the right beats, just the right sustainable rhythm that works with the highs and lows of my energy during the day. Specifically, when do I write, and for how long. All other elements need to fall into place around that cornerstone.


So I moved things around. Change is always allowed. I regularly give myself permission to change my schedule as often as I need to. If something doesn’t fit, fix it. There’s always room for making things new again.


In my mind, if one plan doesn’t work, you try another one until you find one that does. You keep trying, keep discarding plans until you find the one that works for you. You won’t find it unless you keep at it, keep trying, keep going.


In the end, it’s repetition that will prove whether or not the plan is a sustainable one. I have to use it for the rest of the week to know if it actually works. I have a feeling that this will be a winner, judging by the success of today. I remain hopeful.

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