Being creative is like playing God.

You create something from nothing. You bring into being something from the ethos that didn’t exist before your mind and hands touched the materials of creation and made it so.

But creation doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

Things come into being because of all the influences you’ve faced in your life. Everything you’ve seen and heard, everything you’ve experienced becomes part of your creations.

All that is mixed in with your inner voice.

A voice that’s found only through experimentation and practice. You have to get out there and do the work in order to find out what it is. To find out how it sounds against the cacophony of the rest of the world.

Wether you decide to work alone or in a group, creation is a big responsibility. Bringing something new to this world requires you to protect it, even defend it if necessary. You give it your all, everything you have and then some.

Don’t forget to give it your love.

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