Learning Curve

I love to learn.

I have ever since I was a kid. I love adding knowledge to myself, deepening and widening who I am by acquiring knowledge I didn’t have before.

I don’t know what stopped my boundless curiosity. I don’t think it was one thing, I think life wore me down. Over time, when I read things, the words just washed over me, without depth and without meaning. So I stopped reading – I was no longer curious because I’d seen the world, and it was full of pain and misery and disappointment.

But now, now I think I can get it all back again. Now I’m excited about the possibilities. Now I have my daughter, and she’s just starting to get into reading.

We’re going to the library tomorrow, and I’m actually excited about it. Not only for what doors it will open for her but what things I can discover as well. I plan on throwing myself at the mercy of the librarian and seeing what she can dig up for me. “Show me what you’ve got!”

Everything we read adds to the wellspring of the writer and the creative. It doesn’t matter what subject, when it was written, or even if it was written well. All of it is absorbed and later regurgitated into our work.

Even the so called ‘bad‘ stuff teaches us what the good stuff is. Nothing is really ‘bad‘ – everything written has value in one sense or another, even if it’s to show us what ‘not’ to do.

I can’t wait for our library visit tomorrow, and for all our visits after that.

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