the swans and the fish

Images wrapped all-around 96. The swans were ready to go, but he wasn’t quite there yet. He was getting a shot of something from the doctor that would enhance his enjoyment of the process to the nth degree. Once that was done, he joined the swans on the roof and flew with them down to the ground. He complained the whole way about how he hadn’t gotten his fair share and how the department was stacked against him. By the time they reached the ground, the swans were ready to take off and leave him there, not really caring what punishment they would incur if they abandoned him. He knew they were thinking about leaving him, so he scrambled for a different subject. At least something that wasn’t about him. He flipped out his phone and did a screen-grab of the weather channel’s forecast for the week. He posted it up to his FB account, and all the swans, even the other triangles, could see the weather for the week.

Photo by Swapnil Sharma on

“We are always mindful,” said one of the swans “of all to the great intentions contributed by our friend. So, on this day, we say thank you to one of our closest friends and to invite him to join us in our flight to our new home.” 96 looked around and saw so much green. His only logical response was to say no, he couldn’t go. It was too much for his eyes to take in. He was overwhelmed by it all and slunk back inside the hive, tail tucked deep between his legs. It was too blue, too green for him. He would never be able to settle in a place like this, it would always be distracting for him. Besides the colors themselves, it was the fresh air that brought strange desires to mind. Something about a great fish, deep in the ocean, bursting with selfishness. And beautiful fish that blew everything up, even the selfish fish. He touched the antenna of the beetle sitting next to him for comfort and received the story in its entirety before he began to feel sorry for the big fish. He learned the story of the great fish, how it didn’t care for anyone but itself, and let others die because of it. How it orchestrated the death of the beautiful fish’s love – or so he thought. It turns out that her love didn’t die, that he was alive and well. At first, she believed him dead and destroyed the great fish and the city he lived in. But once she discovered that her love was up in the gentle part of the ocean waiting for her to join him, she went to him. And so they were together until they both died of old age, having born many, many children out of the love they shared.

Photo by Chevanon Photography on

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