Tiger Eating Its Tail

You never know what’s going to be a breakthrough. The next best thing. What’s going to work for the people, and what will be rejected by them. It’s impossible to predict. They don’t even know themselves. Someone guesses for them, and they believe that’s what they want. It’s the classic tiger eating its tail.

“That what?” (1)

“The tiger eating its tail.” (2)

“That makes no sense.” (1)

“Yeah, but it sounds good.” (2)

“It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t make any sense. You’ll have to take it out.” (1)

“No, I don’t think I will. I like it. It stays in.” (2)

“Take. It. Out.”



“You’re going it give up, just like that?” (2)

“What else is there to say?” (1)

“You could try to prove your case a bit more.” (2)

“No, we both know you’re as stubborn as a mule. There’s no point.” (1)

“You could at least try.” (2)

“To what end? You won’t change your mind.” (1)

“Oh, I might! You never know!”

“No. I think I’m done talking about this.”

“What if I promised to change my mind at the end, will you at least try?”

“What’s the point in that?! I don’t have to prove anything if you already agree!”

“But, see, I won’t agree at first. But then I’ll agree later.”

“This is ridiculous!”

“No, really, it’s like this. You start explaining to me why I should take that bit out, and I disagree that it should be left in. We argue for a while, but in the end, I agree and take it out. How about that?”

“That sounds like a total waste of time!”

“Oh, please!”


“It’s just that you never talk to me anymore.” (2)

“What?” (1)

“You never talk to me anymore, not like you used to.” (2)

“What’s that supposed to mean?” (1)

“Just like I said. You never talk to me anymore like you used to. We used to talk for hours about everything, but now you hardly say a word to me. And when you do, it’s usually in criticism.” (2)

“I never!” (1)

“Yes, you do! Don’t deny it! You know it’s true!” (2)

“You’re just too sensitive anymore. I don’t criticize you, I just tell you how it is.”

“You hurt my feelings is what you do.”

“Well, it’s not my fault if you’re a pansy.”

“There you go again!!”

“What? What did I do?”

“You called me a pansy!”


“That wasn’t very nice!”

“Oh, well, that…um…”


“I’m sorry, I guess.”

“You guess?!”

“Yeah, I’m sorry. I won’t call you a pansy anymore.”

“Thank you.”

“I’ll just call you ‘idiot’ then, shall I?”


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