Blogging vs. Writing

When I first started my day this morning, I couldn’t decide what I was going to do first – write (work on my novel) or blog. But then I was reminded that I had more pressing freelance work to do, so I ended up doing neither.

Still, it had me wondering about where my priorities were. Blogging takes up the most of my time, whereas writing is the most important. So, logically, I should write first, get that out of the way, then blog after.

However, on some days the words don’t come so easy. I spend the whole morning trying to reach my writing quota. Which puts off blogging until later in the day, often when I don’t have time to do it.

Conversely, I could blog first, and leave the writing for nighttime, but the blog is supposed to be about the writing. So, how can I blog about the daily writing if I haven’t done any of it yet?

These are rhetorical questions, of course. The answers change on a day to day basis, depending on what’s going on or how I’m feeling creatively. I think the ultimate goal would be to deduce a set arrangement and stick to it with relative reliability. Something I knew I could stick with, decisively, every day.

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