Where’s The Story

I recently finished reading Stephen King’s book ‘On Writing‘. It’s an amazing book, I recommend it highly. In the book, Mr. King reiterates frequently the importance of telling the story. The importance of the story itself.

The problem I have right now with some of my short stories is that I can’t seem to find the story. Oh sure, I can write thousands of words, for hours at a time, but there’s no story. Just a bunch of scenes strung together, almost as if it’s a stream of consciousness piece. No river running through it linking it all together. It feels like just a random jumble of thoughts.

Sometimes I’ll start writing something and automatically find the story in it. Inspiration will strike when I sit down to write and there it will be, right in front of me. But most of the time I’m left scrambling to find something to write about.

The only way I’ll be able to find the “river” in my work is if I keep practicing. To find the story I have to keep writing, keep working, keep practicing, keep going. Then I’ll be able to get them down on paper in a way for everyone to enjoy.

(I always write because I want to write, usually not with the thought of anyone reading what I’ve written. I have to think differently about that. What do you think about what you’ve read here? Do you think this blog is written well? Is there room for improvement? Feel free to give your suggestions in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!)

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