Mood Shift

We all have emotional good days and bad. It’s part of being human. Sometimes we need that for our creative work, sometimes that actually works against us.


Your mood will permeate whatever you’re working on. And because our moods can shift from day to day, we have to be careful. If you’re frustrated, it can cause your work to become harsh. If you’re feeling smooth and easy, your work can become pleasant and light. Sometimes that’s exactly what you’re going for. Sometimes, those feelings can contradict what you need to be doing at that point in your project.


When I was reading ‘Keep Going’ by Austin Kleon, I felt an underlying tone of depression and fundamental malaise. I believe that might be what Austin was going through when he wrote the book because the subject is about continuing on when you feel like quitting. And though there’s a lot of inspirational material, it felt like the despair he was feeling while writing was still subtly woven into the material.

Take a Break

The only way to counteract the fluctuation in mood affecting your project is to back out of your work if you find your mood is affecting it too much. Take a break, or stop down for the day if you feel you can’t work past your contradicting emotions. Some suggestions are to take a walk, meditate, or work on your hobby for a while to clear your mind and then go back to your project again. This may help to get your mood back into a calmer place, so you can focus on exactly where you need to be.


We need our emotions for our creative work. It’s imperative for what we do. We need them to fuel our projects and our ideas, without them our work would be hollow, without soul. Even though sometimes they seem to work against us, we need to find a way to call on them when we need them.

What’s your favorite way to clear your head when you need to get your mood ‘in check?’ Do you meditate, exercise, have a hobby, or something completely different? Let us know in the comments below!

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