Creative Life Advice

Skinny Grey Dog

There are a lot of ‘self-help’ books out there. Most give generic life advice to ‘normal’ kinds of people. But for creative types, the kind of people who live life a little bit differently, this generic advice doesn’t apply. Creatives need their own special words of wisdom in order to thrive in this strange world.

Things Are What You Make Of Them-LifeAdviceForCreatives by Adam J. Kurtz speaks the creative language very clearly. It inspired and motivated me to continue with my creative work, even though sometimes it can be rough on the psyche. When you’re working from the heart, there’s a lot of internal pressure to make things ‘perfect’, and this book helped sooth those rough thoughts into something more manageable.

An interesting physical characteristic of the book is that the pages are perforated so they can be removed and hung up for inspiration anywhere in your creative space. I…

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